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Darky Kart Wii Vol 2
Releasedatum: 07.03.2018

Genre: Abenteuer, Action, Geschicklichkeit, Sport
Sprache(n): Englisch
Videosystem: NTSC
Größe: 2670 MB
Freigegeben ab:
Notizen: Paket 1 WBFS

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Darky Kart Wii is a Mario Kart Wii Mod made by someone called DarkyBenji. It has tons of textures, music, and tons of other stuff packed inside it. Many custom textures in the mod make the game feel more “dark.” Since there is so many textures that make it hard to put into one game, I, Larsenv, has split them all into four games that all have very different styles to try out.