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MKW Hack Pack
Releasedatum: 17.12.2017

Sprache(n): Englisch
Videosystem: NTSC-U
Größe: 1680 MB
Freigegeben ab:
Notizen: Paket 1 WBFS

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This is Huili's third distribution, and by far his most ambitious distribution ever. The MKW Hack Pack is the first major distribution to ever include both custom tracks and texture hack tracks in them. This distribution will feature 184 Custom Tracks and 64 Texture Hack tracks, with the expansion of main.dol. Huili's claim for fame for this distribution is the fact that there are not many tracks from CTGP Revolution v1.03. If there are any tracks from that distribution they are textured versions of the original tracks, boost tracks, or have their laps changed. As for textured versions of the original tracks, Huili chose to represent the texture community by letting there be 2 total texture tracks per person. That will help give exposure to otherwise undiscovered or under rated texture hackers, and not just focus on the most popular texture hackers only, as has been the trend. Another thing about the MKW Hack Pack is that there are a lot of edited files, Huili wanted to be able to change almost every aspect of the game by replacing original files with modified files. This includes custom characters, items, backmodels, earths, globes, miibody, race, menus, boot up screens, title screens, selection screens, music, brsar sound effects, thps, minimaps, speedometers, countdown mode, winning ending, and losing scenes. Anything that can be changed, Huili looked for edited files. All these changes are be available on the full version download of the MKW Hack Pack. A smaller version, with only the tracks and necessary files, is also available. Huili is also releasing a Master Collection with this distribution for the hardcore modder who can afford to put more than the usual amount of content on his SD Card.