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Reader Rabbit Kindergarten
Releasedatum: 05.06.2017

Genre: Abenteuer
Sprache(n): Englisch, Unbestimmte Sprache(n)
Videosystem: NTSC
Größe: 738 MB
Freigegeben ab:
Notizen: Paket 1 WBFS

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Lade kostenlos Reader Rabbit Kindergarten NTSC WII WBFS mit Fullspeed!

While soaring through the sky in their fabulous Dreamship, Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion notice an unusual island in the waters below. As they swoop down for a closer look, a strange object shoots up from the island and begins wrapping up the ship. Forced off the Dreamship, they find themselves in a new land called Balloon Town. To get their Dreamship back, you must help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion collect 5 musical instruments to wake the sleeping Bull that guards the palace where the ship is kept. Complete a variety of mini-games to collect the instruments so your friends can continue on to their next adventure... Features: 8 educational mini-games designed to twach basic kindergarten skills including pattern recognition, memory matching, reading comprehension, and rhyming in addition to basic phonics and math. Multiple difficulty levels for each mini-game that can be changed at any time. Full video cutscenes and voice acting throughout the game.