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Darkon360s Brawl Hack Pack
Releasedatum: 05.02.2017

Genre: Abenteuer, Action
Sprache(n): Englisch, Unbestimmte Sprache(n)
Videosystem: NTSC
Größe: 6840 MB
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Lade kostenlos Darkon360s Brawl Hack Pack NTSC WII WBFS mit Fullspeed!

Are you ready to duke it out again? This time, there’s 15 characters - Metal Sonic, Sonic&Tails, Scott Pilgrim, Mewtwo, Bomberman, Darkon, Cloud Strife, Neku Sakuraba, Megaman, Megaman X, Omnimon, T-Rex, Master Chief, and Zack Fair. Also there are Bonus Outfits for most of the regular characters, New + Extra stages (with their own soundtrack), New Music, Custom SFX, MAX Level CPUS (LV "0" at start of select screen) , Hacked Stage Builder, Unrestricted Pause Camera, Unrestricted Replay Camera + Allow Replays Longer than 3 Mins, and more.