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Wiimms MKW Fun 2016-07
Releasedatum: 14.11.2016

Genre: Geschicklichkeit, Rennspiel
Sprache(n): Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch
Videosystem: NTSC
Größe: 1560 MB
Freigegeben ab:
Notizen: Paket 1 WBFS

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Lade kostenlos Wiimms MKW Fun 2016-07 MULTI NTSC WII WBFS mit Fullspeed!

After the poll, 11 new tracks got into MKW Fun 2016-07. However, 11 old tracks were removed due to space shortage. Also, the online modus was improved again: The room host can now pick the amount of races in a GP (between 1 and 10), restrict the vehicle choice (kart-only or bike-only), or make himself win all the track votes. These features can be activated using special online chat messages. Special thanks to the tester team consisting of Leseratte, Sucht93a and Sniki. Those three haven't just tested: Leseratte has introduced many code modifications, Sucht93a has edited and improved 12 tracks, and Sniki has created the two best new tracks.