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Dead to Right Retribution
Releasedatum: 17.06.2016

Genre: Action
Sprache(n): Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch, Italienisch
Videosystem: REGION FREE
Größe: 6750 MB
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Notizen: DE??

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Dead to Rights: Retribution is an single player Action-Shooter game in which players roam the crime-ridden streets of Grant City with vice cop Jack Slate and his wolf-dog Shadow, doling out justice as they see fit. Featuring the ability to play as either Slate or Shadow, players mix brutal melee combat with diverse gunplay, explosive weapons and stealth animal like hunting techniques in this long-awaited follow-up to the original 2002 Dead to Rights game. Dead to Rights: Retribution game logo Story No longer one of the great cultural and financial centers of the world, Grant City laid low below the dark shroud of widespread crime and corruption. But there is still one among the citizenry who is determined to exorcise the evil that has robbed the town of its former glory. He has pledged to both take back the streets from the gangs, as well as dole out equal justice of his own design upon the white-collar criminals who continue to bleed the city dry. He is vice cop Jack Slate. Betrayed and hunted by the organization he once served, he wages war on a daily basis, armed only with a gun, his bare hands and his intimidating canine, Shadow. Together the two of them make their way through the underbelly of the city, only to uncover a shocking conspiracy that threatens to shake the world to its core. Jack Slate and Shadow from Dead to Rights: Retribution Take back Grant City as Slate & Shadow. View larger. Gameplay Dead to Rights: Retribution is a single player Action-Shooter game designed to reboot the Dead to Rights franchise that was launched in 2002 with the first game in the series. The game features mission based gameplay as one of two playable characters, vice cop Jack Slate and his father's massive wolf-dog hybrid, Shadow. Playing as Jack Slate players have plenty of opportunity to use weapons, but true to his rough and tumble appearance players will also make maximum use of melee attacks. The game features extensive hand-to-hand fighting functionality, including numerous branching combos, blocks, counters and even the ability to toss enemies aside or into each other and use them as human shields. Playing as Shadow players have the dual ability to use either brutal animal attacks, quite literally going for the jugular, or utilize Stealth Mode, where Shadow uses his animal senses to find enemies that would otherwise remain hidden, and then take them out. In this mode Shadow can also lure enemies into dangerous proximity to his bone-crushing jaws with a variety of barks and calls, after he is done with them, dragging them into the shadows so as not to draw attention. In situations where gunplay takes center stage players utilize a cover system to blind-fire from around corners and from behind walls.